Your Support Matters was set up by William Case, following an ambition to provide social inclusion to those with support needs, inspired from working as an independent disability consultant. In 2011, William traveled America and Canada on a Winston Churchill Fellowship award for four weeks, to research and write a report on best practice for disability. The journey was both insightful and inspirational. Back home, William noticed the lack of support and guidance from the local authorities in the UK to fully equip individuals with services and options available to them and had seen firsthand how things can be improved. The social enterprise ambition was born

Your Support Matters is a social enterprise working with people who require support. We thrive on following a Person Centred Approach with individuals and their families, allowing them to choose and direct their own support with our guidance. We provide training for both Personal Assistants and the employer. We also provide ongoing advocacy to the employers and support for the PAs. Your Support Matters has a range of projects for people to be involved with, including; a Sibling Support Group, led by a sibling of someone living with a disability; Self-Advocacy training; Personal Wellbeing.